Donuts, Drive, and Desire… From page one, THE DONUT SHOP grips the reader.  Character interactions weave a fun, suspenseful experience while delivering a critical message.  It is very hard to balance entertainment and poignant messaging, but The Donut Shop has hit the spot perfectly.  Simply delicious!” Georgienne Bradley, Founder & Director of Sea Save Foundation, UNITED NATIONS Addressee, Women’s Divers Hall of Fame Inductee.

“This was the first play I have ever read and I literally could not put it down! THE DONUT SHOP was such an easy read, time flew by! Now I can’t stop reading Carl’s plays, after THE DONUT SHOP, I read 4 more and then went back and re-read all of them again…each time learning more and growing more…astonishing!” – Jacqueline Peterson, President of S.O.A.R: committed to the Support of Seminole Fire Victims.

Producer LISA SATRIANO says “THE DONUT SHOP is much more than a play about eating disorders. It is about being a better parent, it is about being better in your relationships…it creates space to explore and identify insecurities and addictions, to more deeply understand our personalities and judgements of ourselves and others. Part of the magic of THE DONUT SHOP is that there is something for everyone to reflect on to become better for yourself, for your kids, for the world.

“THE DONUT SHOP is a wellness tool, a literacy campaign, and an impactful, interactive experience, not only for the stunning amount of people suffering from addictions but for families and friends as they read the script together and benefit from this healing and potentially life-changing experience.”  says Producer, LENISE SOREN

“If I had read THE DONUT SHOP when I was young, it would have been a godsend. I struggled with bulimia in high school and during my first two years of college. Having a resource that discussed eating disorders in an entertaining format such as this play brings issues to the forefront. It would have helped me to learn to love myself. The play is a creative way to address the awkward emotionality of those who suffer with eating disorders.– Blythe Metz-Mandmets: Chef & Food Nutritionalist

“It is impactful and meaningful. Everyone who reads THE DONUT SHOP will take away something different from it –  I’ve read it multiple times and each time I take away something new – that’s the beauty of it – whether it’s relatable, eye-opening or it’s just enjoyable and a new way to look at your own situation, this play is important.” Stacee Reich: Writer & Showrunner’s Assistant for TV’s American Dad

“I love that the play has resources and services wrapped around it. There is an energy of positive movement forward with THE DONUT SHOP. It’s honest. When the movement takes hold, I imagine there will be many lives saved, many more balanced, healthy people in the world and a lot more love.Liza Auciello, PSY.D.

THE DONUT SHOP launch narratives that lead to understanding and healing. The play stirs a thoughtful conversation: the play wrestles a common demon from different viewpoints and helps people address their anxieties using characters challenged with eating disorders in a safe space.”  – Amy La Boube, Store Team Leader at WHOLE FOODS: MALIBU

THE DONUT SHOP, is a creative work that is impactful and critically needed in our times. I’ve read a lot of plays during my career, acting in a lifetime of theater and film, “THE DONUT SHOP is so damn well written!– Sonia Kazarova: Grammy Nominated Opera Singer-Dramatic Coloratura Soprano


Download another wellness play by Carl Stillitano. Donating more than 50% of the proceeds to Help Unlock the Mysteries of Autism.

“I LOVED BOTH!!! Super-fun and super-easy to read, an absolute pleasure. I wish both THE DONUT SHOP & FLY EAGLES FLY were required reading in all high schools and colleges. I am excited to support something so important to the world and the industry. So many in need will benefit from the funding that these plays will create, I am proud to support this goodness

– KATRINA BRONSON, Mother of Charlie, 12 years old and Autistic.

Be a fly-on-the-wall as a “guy’s guy” goes to therapy for the first time with a female therapist fighting to give her autistic son every opportunity that life offers.

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