Liza Auciello, PSY.D.


Dr. Liza Auciello is a Personal and Professional Development Coach. With more than 20 years of leadership experience as a clinical health psychologist, Liza blends an understanding of human behavior, mind-body-soul connection, and reflective methods to accelerate growth and healing. For those interested in horse therapy and equine-facilitated learning, Liza integrates horses into her unique healing process.



“I love that THE DONUT SHOP is a wellness play written to inspire people who struggle with body issues to find the support they need to keep their bodies and minds healthy. It touches on both the male and female perspectives and relationships as a whole. The bottom line is that everyone wants to be loved, feel loved and share love,” Liza said. “As a psychologist, coach, and healing arts practitioner, I help people to love themselves more deeply.”  

Liza is convinced that if she and her friends had read THE DONUT SHOP as teenagers, they would have been enlightened and encouraged. “Because the play is written with humor, I think it would have helped to put body-related issues into perspective in a way that could be heard by the teenage mind,” Liza said. “Although I wouldn’t consider myself to have had body-related issues as a teenager, there were plenty of times my view of myself was out of sync with reality.  THE DONUT SHOP would have helped me to put things in perspective and to have a kinder approach toward others and myself.”

Liza views THE DONUT SHOP and all that surrounds it as having vast potential to help those who suffer from eating disorders. “I love that the play has resources and services wrapped around it,” Liza says. “There is an energy of positive movement forward with THE DONUT SHOP. It’s honest. When the movement takes hold, I imagine there will be many lives saved, many more balanced, healthy people in the world and a lot more love.

Liza’s GIVES

Liza’s GIVES include serving as a resource for those who decide they want to love themselves more deeply after reading the play.  She regularly collaborates with Lenise Sorén, the development producer of THE DONUT SHOP, giving interactive wellness, both in person and online, from The MALIBU GIVES Crystal Sanctuary in Point Dume, Malibu. Liza hopes to contribute to THE DONUT SHOP’s upcoming support hotline for people to talk with a live person who will listen, provide coaching and connect callers to helpful services.

Liza shares that she teaches the “Language of Transformation,” a heart-based language that enables one to match their energy and emotions with their goals, helping them to lead the life they want!” It is a language, she explains, “that helps a person to breakthrough their protective armor and free themselves from the negative beliefs and perceptions they have about themselves.” 

Liza’s Favorite Donut

Liza’s favorite donut is a vegan buttermilk chocolate donut. 


To contact Dr. Liza Auciello, visit her website or give her a call at 323-319-4747.



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