Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the age range appropriate to read THE DONUT SHOP??

A:  We would give this play a PG-13 Rating.  The material is mature and should be at the discretion of the parents for those under 18.  We recommend the parents reading the play prior.

Q: Where can I buy the play?

A: Visit https://thedonutshoptheplay.com/products/the-donut-shop-transformative-play

Q: Is there is a hard copy of the play available for purchase?

A: Coming soon in paperback form.

Q:  Where do I go for help?

A:  Here is a list of wellness professionals we recommend.  Many of whom are Donut Ambassadors.

Q:  How can I help?

A: Become a Donut Ambassador Post on Social Media, Spread the word, Donate your time, Buy and Share the play, Host a Reading.

Q:  How can I see a production or a reading of THE DONUT SHOP?

A:  THE DONUT SHOP is Broadway Bound with your support and contribution. Please contact us for bookings and more information.

Q:  What is a Wellness Play?

A:  Our production company, has created 5 Wellness Plays.  Each Wellness Play focuses on socially-relevant subject manner and donates 50 % of the proceeds to wellness initiatives, supporting solutions and offering assistance in recovery and health.

Q:  I’d like to offer my product on The Donut SHOP SHOP, how do I go about that?

A: Thank you for you interest, we collaborate with artists from all around the world. Please submit your information.

Q:  How do I learn more about the writer and what inspired the play?

A:  An Interview with the Writer is included with the purchase of the play.

Q: The play seems like a therapeutic activity to potentially read in a group setting, would suggest this?

A: Absolutely!  We recommend this and encourage those who participate this way to post on our “Donut Discussions” and share your experience.  Discussion questions are included with the purchase of the play: a helpful reference for communicating about the play.

Additional Questions? Contact us!