Blythe Metz-Mandmets, PH.D


Blythe Metz-Mandmets is a natural lifestyle expert, chef, metaphysician, inventor, and writer.

“If I had read THE DONUT SHOP when I was young, it would have been a godsend. I struggled with bulimia in high school and during my first two years of college,” Blythe said. “Having a resource that discussed eating disorders in an entertaining format such as this play brings issues to the forefront. It would have helped me to learn to love myself. The play is a creative way to address the awkward emotionality of those who suffer with eating disorders. It can help to address whatever underlying concerns there are that lead to an eating disorder.”

As a DONUT AMBASSADOR, Blythe hopes to help people develop unconditional self-love that provides a basis to heal eating disorders and other concerns. “Unconditional self-love helps to create a culture of kindness that helps to address eating disorders,” Blythe said. “One of the most rewarding work I do is speaking to high-schoolers, we explore how a culture of unconditional self-love can help support those who have eating disorders and how it can also help protect against school violence and bullying."

BLYTHE METZ-MANDMETS, PhD. is a wellness lifestyle expert, metaphysician, chef, and entrepreneur who fell in love with the plant kingdom. She views food as a powerful medicine that can transform lives and help people understand their bodies. In her mind, readers can utilize THE DONUT SHOP as a catalyst to become healthy and happy. With a doctorate in metaphysical sciences, BLYTHE focuses on the consciousness of food. “Food has a vibrational signature and it has its own energy – if we change what we eat through self-healing design and become aware that our body is a consciousness that we are in command of, we can address eating disorders in a new light.”

Blythe’s GIVES

BLYTHE’S GIVES to THE DONUT SHOP include helping people learn how to eat properly, nurture their bodies, learn how to be in tune with their bodies, love themselves, and thereby create their self-healing design.
“My work facilitates people’s ability to understand that their thriving health, happiness, and beauty is within their power.” BLYTHE, a gifted chef, looks forward to contributing by teaching cooking demos and workshops as well as by curating THE DONUT SHOP RECIPE BOOK.

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