The Donut Shop Transformative Play

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An Anorexic, A Bulimic & and Over-Eater get locked in a Donut Shop...with a Guy named Mike.

A Play about Eating, Not-Eating and Sex.

110 million Americans wake up every morning consumed with counting calories. The Donut Shop tackles shameful issues in an intimate and fully transparent way.

It’s just another “normal” day at THE DONUT SHOP, home to the HOG, Zagat’s #1 tasting donut. JENN, the quick-witted, over-achieving, employee of the month, serves KATE, the attractive and powerful radio show producer who skillfully barks orders on her cell as JENN eavesdrops in awe. All the while, the OVER-EATER is content, munching on her HOGS, reading tabloid trash and listening to her Ipod.
BUT WAIT! Who is that gorgeous guy in the corner? MIKE, who JENN and KATE  gaga over, is a down-on-his-luck small business owner who’s been swallowed up by big business and is desperate for answers. As desperate times call for desperate measures, or divine intervention, the security gate comes crashing down trapping these four unlikely souls until sunrise. With tension high, Indian tech-support awry, and nowhere left to hide, their innermost secrets, fears and addictions explode creating unexpected healings and revelations.

The Donut Shop will Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.

Included in this digital version:  An Interview with the Writer and Discussion Points.

Tips to enhance your Donut Shop experience:

  • We suggest in most cases reading the play all in one sitting, to become more fully immersed in the play.

  • Have your friends download the play, cast the roles, and read in a group.

  • Post & share highlights of your Donut Shop experience.

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #TheDonutShopThePlay in all your Donut Shop posts on social media!