About Us

The Donut Shop is a play that tackles the eating epidemics of our current world. An Anorexic, A Bulimic, and An Over-Eater get Locked in a Donut Shop with a Guy named Mike.

“The Donut Shop is a wellness tool that helps those suffering to realize they are not alone. The experience of reading the play by yourself or with friends creates the opportunity for both laughter and healing. It provides a forum for those suffering and their loved ones to explore a variety of healing solutions that create effective results,” said Lenise Soren, Development Producer of the play.      

The Donut Shop focuses on one of the most severe and often not discussed challenges of our time. Eating disorders afflict individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders. The Donut Shop donates 50% of the proceeds to Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs and Artists.