About Us

The Donut Shop is a Broadway-bound play that tackles the eating epidemics of our current world. An Anorexic, A Bulimic, and An Over-Eater get Locked in a Donut Shop. This sets the stage for a compelling and comedic story as the characters evolve from the paralysis of denial and stigma of stereotypes. “The Donut Shop is a wellness tool that helps those suffering to realize they are not alone. The experience of reading the play by yourself or with friends creates the opportunity for both laughter and healing. It provides a forum for those suffering and their loved ones to explore a variety of healing solutions that create effective results,” said Lenise Soren, Development Producer of the play.           

This wellness play focuses on one of the most severe and often not discussed challenges of our time. Eating disorders afflict individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders.  The Donut Shop donates more than 50% of the proceeds to wellness initiatives. To start the conversation in your family, school, youth group or community, click here


Offer your Talent & HELP the EPIC NEED to FUND Wellness Initiatives & Purposeful Non-Profits. Annual Fundraising Events have been canceled combined with little to no cash flow. THE TIME IS NOW!  MALIBU GIVES, Sorenity Rocks Malibu & Sorenity Entertainment join forces to offer SOLUTIONS. The World Needs YOU, NOW put your cape on and let's do this!

MALIBU GIVES: 501c3 Supports the Expansion & Development of Art, Wellness & Community in Malibu and Beyond.

ART: Theater & Performing Arts Company donating over 50 % to wellness initiatives.

WELLNESS: Autism, Addiction, Veterans, Health Grants, Organic & Bee Farming

COMMUNITY: Fire Safety, Animal Rescue & Training, Small Business Support, Special Needs Housing, Youth Mentorship & Leadership Programs, Non-Profit Funding

LIVE from Point Dume, MALIBU:  Sorenity Entertainment offers LIVE STREAMING stage readings of original, socially-relevant plays by playwright Carl Stillitano.  Currently CASTING Actors who want to GIVE & RAISE in a “DONATE TO VIEW” format.

THE DONUT SHOP: An Anorexic, A Bulimic & An Over-Eater Get Locked in a donut shop. A play about Eating, Not-Eating & SEX! (1 Act, 1 Set, 4 characters) www.thedonutshoptheplay.com

FLY EAGLES FLY:  Be a fly on a wall when a ‘guys guy’ goes to therapy for the first time with a female therapist fighting to give her autistic son every opportunity that life offers. (1 Act, 1 Set, 2 characters) www.thedonutshoptheplay.com

A FATHER’S SON:  We find a modern day ‘Willy Loman’ in A.A. S.A. & N.A.  (2 Acts, 6 Sets, 5 characters)

THE BIG PICTURE: A Political Thriller, for right now. (2 Acts, 1-2 Sets, 5 characters)


THE DONUT SHOP Donates 50% of proceeds to Wellness Initiatives & Non-Profits.