Deonna Nichole


Deonna Nichole is a plus-size model, a spokesperson for THE DONUT SHOP, and a firm believer in the play’s transformative power.

“Ever since I was young, I was concerned about my weight,” Deonna said. “The DONUT SHOP speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds who harbor such inhibitions and concerns.” Deonna shares that “it would have been great to have THE DONUT SHOP when I was young because it would have helped me to understand eating disorders and to understand myself.” 

Deonna views THE DONUT SHOP as a powerful tool in her toolkit to address and correct misimpressions that others often form about those with eating disorders. People often stigmatize those who are challenged by eating disorders, criticize them, or have misunderstandings and inject negativity. Such reactions are not helpful and do not address the underlying challenges, whereas The DONUT SHOP delves deep into the underlying challenges and confronts such negative reactions head-on.
The play provides a fresh, realistic look at eating disorders, launching a powerful narrative. 

Deonna’s GIVES

Deonna contributes to THE DONUT SHOP by offering guided meditation circles that she describes as “designed to kindle transformative healing and manifestation.”  Deonna feels her meditations are aligned in purpose with the goals of THE DONUT SHOP, “they both help people to ground and rejuvenate – to reset and redirect regarding their approach to life – and to eating.”

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