Jane Rosen


Jane Rosen, a.k.a., Lenise’s Mom, was one of the first female firefighters and paramedics in Maryland and in America.  Now a Physicians’ Assistant
(Winner of PA of The Year 2003), Jane firmly understands the science behind nutritional health and thus, the important contributions that THE DONUT SHOP offers in support of both those afflicted with eating disorders and those who love them and want to help them.

THE DONUT SHOP’s potential and its brilliance lies in its ability to inform and discuss eating disorders in all kinds of settings – in schools, private and public settings, on Broadway. The play discusses issues around eating habits in a safe setting. It does what a good play should do – it evokes different responses for different people, often as afterthoughts, after they reflect on the play and then, that promotes discussion.”  

An avid fan of playwright Carl Stillitano’s creativity and genius, Jane thinks that THE DONUT SHOP would impress theatergoers on Broadway. 
“People seeing Carl’s play would be flabbergasted because it has a different theme than the traditional Broadway play – attendees would be immersed in the content and have meaningful conversations about eating disorders.”

Jane’s GIVES

Jane’s GIVES include designing her specially-curated donut jewelry and providing first-aid, emergency medicine and parenting tips. A single mother and a role model for her daughter, Jane enjoys seeing her daughter, Lenise, carry on the tradition of being a strong, innovative, intuitive leader.



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