Julie Avila


Julie Avila is an animal advocate, behaviorist, and crystal specialist.

Julie Avila has collaborated with Lenise Sorén (The Donut Shop Development Producer) for the past 5 years, assisting to grow
Sorenity Rocks Malibu from a booth at the Melrose Trading Post in Hollywood to two galleries in Malibu. Julie serves on the board of directors, as the secretary of MALIBU GIVES, the 501c3 that Lenise chairs.
Their shared passion for art, wellness, and rescue lead to building the foundation of MALIBU GIVES. 

Julie, an animal advocate, behaviorist, and crystal specialist, knows well the value of intuition and insight. “I support The Donut Shop because it gives perspective to what others are dealing with and shares insights that are not usually spoken about,” Julie says. “It is purposeful because it can inspire those who read it and act it out to be more empathetic and to realize their own responsibility in their own lives.” Julie observes that if she had benefited from The Donut Shop when she was a teenager, maybe she would have learned life’s lessons sooner and would have realized that “others act out because of something that is is going on with them, not because of another person.” Knowing that principle, Julie says, “is a huge tool and a concept that changed my life.” 

A firm believer in The Donut Shop’s power to transform people, Julie says, “The Donut Shop has the potential to bring awareness, not only about eating disorders and the reality of people suffering but a far greater and universal awareness of others and themselves. It’s real and I think people these days are gravitating to projects with substance and truth. These are the type of projects that MALIBU GIVES wants to support, a project that gives and contributes to art, wellness, and community. Something of value that can be read and reread and reread, it can be acted out with your family… it’s a gem.” 

Julie’s GIVES

Julie’s contributions to The Donut Shop include teaching animal awareness, movement, choreography, dance, and expanding the healing arts while supporting efforts to use the play as an instrument to support wellness and body image.

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