Jaqueline Peterson


Jacqueline Peterson is a Citizen Wellness Advocate and Founder of
Sharing Opportunities Assisting Recovery (SOAR).



As the founder of Sharing Opportunities Assisting Recovery (SOAR), a
non-profit organization that seeks to assist some of those most afflicted by the devastating Woolsey Fire, Jacqueline Peterson is uniquely suited to help support THE DONUT SHOP and its efforts to help those grappling with eating disorders.

“I have read THE DONUT SHOP several times and every time I do, I learn something new. Now, I have a deeper realization about how I can help more people who are suffering, by sharing this play all around the world.  This is an international epidemic. In my home country of Australia, it’s overwhelming.” Jacqueline said. “I support THE DONUT SHOP because it’s one of the most powerful tools for healing and growth I have ever encountered. The play delivers a powerful message to help those with bulimia, anorexia, and food bingeing. It helps people learn about themselves and relate to the challenges the characters face so they can find support instead of hiding behind a mask of embarrassment and fear.” 

Those who read or act out THE DONUT SHOP will be inspired to have greater empathy for people with eating disorders. It’s a must-read for parents… everyone should read this play, it seems we all are affected by one food issue or another.  

Jacqueline says that if she had been exposed to THE DONUT SHOP as a teenager, she “would have been able to identify the do’s and don’t’s about eating, and would have benefitted from the exceptional relationship advice within the play, which would have saved me a lot of heartache.”

For Jacqueline, THE DONUT SHOP “educates about the many faces of eating disorders and helps to lessen the stigma that goes with it, thus furthering the greater good.”

Jacqueline’s GIVES

Jacqueline’s GIVES include her “being the best ambassador to and for THE DONUT SHOP by sharing the outstanding talents of playwright Carl Stillitano with sponsors that can assist the mission of THE DONUT SHOP.