Sonia Kazarova


Sonia Kazarova is an Opera Singer – Dramatic Coloratura Soprano.


Ebullient and uber-talented, Grammy Nominated Soprano Sonia Kazarova exudes energy and passion in her creative concerts, featuring arias and works that inspire.  Sonia is deeply committed to sharing her many talents to collaborate with fellow musicians, allowing for greater expression and understanding of classical pieces as well as works from other genres.  

Sonia wholeheartedly supports THE DONUT SHOP, a creative work that she finds impactful and critically needed in our times. “I’ve read a lot of plays during my career,” Sonia says, noting that she was a producer with Antibody Films and has acted in a lifetime of theater and film. 

THE DONUT SHOP is so damn well written – it is truly awesome!” Sonia says. “Carl Stillitano, the playwright, and Lenise Sorén, development producer, are almost too good to be true – they are amazing.”

Addressing the content of the play, Sonia elaborated, “So much is expected of women and we expect so much of ourselves – we do so much that we literally breathe energy in the world – THE DONUT SHOP helps provide perspective.” 

“When Lenise and I met, I did not know anything about THE DONUT SHOP,” Sonia shares.  “We were discussing a role for me in By Way of Love, another of Carl’s plays. When Lenise mentioned the role she was envisioning for me – Hubris, the oldest goddess in training at Goddess University on Mount Olympus – I fell in love right away.  I exclaimed, “I have a donut company named The Gluten Free Goddess Bakery!”

THE DONUT SHOP is a wonderful play that one should enjoy just as she does a good donut.” Sonia says, noting that she looks forward to her collaboration with THE DONUT SHOP. 

Sonia’s GIVES

Sonia looks forward to performing benefit concerts for THE DONUT SHOP movement.

Sonia’s Favorite Donut

Her favorite is a cruller donut with chocolate sauce.