Stacee Reich


Stacee Reich is a writer and Showrunner’s Assistant for American Dad. 


Creative and in tune with the world of television and film, Stacee Reich sees the brilliance of THE DONUT SHOP. “The first time I read THE DONUT SHOP, I knew this was something special – the simplicity and yet, the depth of something so strikingly relatable, no matter the reader’s gender, race, religion, or weight, is rare and magical,” Stacee says. “When you get your hands on the play, it’s almost impossible to put down.”

Stacee thinks she would have benefited greatly if she had THE DONUT SHOP as a teenager. “I’ve had a love affair with food my entire life and although I eat well and have a pretty healthy diet, my problem is overeating and portion control. I have always been a curvier girl, but I had confidence in myself and my body,” Stacee says. “However, even though I was always the biggest girl out of my friends, they were the ones with the body image issues. I think that it’s important to have mediums like THE DONUT SHOP that can reach out to a wide span of people.  If my peers and I had something like this when we were growing up, I think it would have helped us tremendously.  It would have given us the insight that we were not alone.” 

For Stacee, THE DONUT SHOP is impactful and meaningful. “Anyone who reads The Donut Shop will take away something different from it –  I’ve read it multiple times and each time I take away something new – that’s the beauty of it – whether it’s relatable, eye-opening or it’s just enjoyable and a new way to look at their own situation, this play is important.”

Stacee looks forward to a long, productive relationship with THE DONUT SHOP.  Crystals have been a large part of my life since I was a little girl and I use them in my everyday life.  I was driving down the PCH with my parents when we spotted “Sorenity Rocks Malibu” and stopped in. I had an immediate connection with Lenise and since then, she has been integral in my life.  One day, she looked at me and asked whether I was an actress. A writer by trade, I explained my journey and career as a comedy writer in the animation world and she told me about THE DONUT SHOP.  I read it that night and came back in the next day to discuss it with Lenise and Carl. As a plus size woman, I really resonated with “The Woman” character and saw myself in her a lot. I had some suggestions and Carl was extremely receptive, listened to my thoughts, implemented them and they worked!
I was honored to contribute to THE DONUT SHOP’S creative process. I love Carl and Lenise and I am grateful to have their support, their works and doings in my life.

In Stacee’s view, THE DONUT SHOP “was created to inspire people to see a new side of some heavy topics we all deal with in one way or another.” As a comedy writer, Stacee sees the lighter side of the play as well as its nuances. “Besides my writing and television background, I am a plus-size woman with a world of confidence,” Stacee says. “Nevertheless, I have had my own struggles and experiences with eating disorders, whether overeating or under-eating. THE DONUT SHOP is important, everyone will be able to find the play valuable and helpful.

Stacee’s GIVES

Stacee’s GIVES include being on THE DONUT SHOP recipe committee.  She and other DONUT AMBASSADORS will be testing recipes submitted for THE DONUT SHOP RECIPE CONTEST . 

“My mother and sister are both creating donuts,” Stacee said. My mother is a pie baker by trade and my sister is a chef. THE DONUT SHOP has officially become a family passion!” Stacee will also be promoting a donut line of jewelry that is in pre-production.  Further, Stacee will be a plus-size spokesperson for the play, participating in stage readings and discussions that follow. She will also serve as a program leader providing support to adolescents struggling with eating disorders. 

Stacee’s Favorite Donut

“I love a classic glazed donut or an old fashioned donut,” She says.
“But, cronuts are amazing too.”